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Hi Everyone!

Some of you may have heard of Inktober. Inktober is a drawing challenge that thousands of artists all over the word take part in. 

Artist Jake Parker started the challenge in 2009 to help improve his drawing. He decided to do one drawing every day of October using pen and ink. He created a word for each day as inspiration.

If you search the hashtag #inktober or #inktober2019 for this year you will see many different drawings for the same word.

For example:
Here are some for the word ‘Ring’ by actualpendragon:

by Daniel Kombakov

and by me, Emma Shannon:
(To see all my inktober drawings this year head to our facebook or instagram page)

If you or your child want to join we have created a pdf with a group of words that you can either:

  • choose from and draw once a day for a week
  • Cut out, place in a jar and choose one once a week or once a day or whenever you feel like drawing!
  • Remember there is no right or wrong way to draw and oif you don’t have pen or ink use whatever you want!

To download our free mini inktober click here

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