School Arts Week Workshops

Do you have an arts week coming up?

We love bringing our many art workshops to schools around the South West. We have a range of art workshops to choose from and can even plan a bespoke art workshop based on your school’s topic or curriculum needs for that term. We can either work with one group of students or split the time into sessions with different groups. We can also come in over a few days if you would like us to work with the whole school (multiple booking discounts available). Alternatively, show your staff and governors just how creative you can be with a unique team building or INSET session! 

GO SKETCH teachers are art specialists and are fully insured and DBS checked. All art resources are supplied by us. All you need to do is supply a work space and away we go! 

To get a quote based on location, art activity, time and number of children, please contact us by clicking on the quote link below. Alternatively you can call Emma on 07717313651.

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We do travel so please contact us if you are outside of Bristol and we will aim to accommodate you. 

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Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the GO SKETCH workshops. We didn’t want the sessions to end. The children were mesmerised by Emma. You could definitely tell she used to be a teacher as she had great classroom management and the activity was pitched perfectly for the age and interest of the children. I loved the wide selection of high quality resources Emma brought with her for us to use. Emma was very dedicated and spent a lot of time preparing for each session. Thank you so much for travelling from Bristol to see us. Definitely would recommend GO SKETCH to other teachers for future art weeks.

Laura Makepeace Woodville Juniors, Derbyshire
School Arts Week Workshop Ideas for Bristol and the South West

Comic Strips!

Comic Strips

This workshop is one of our most popular school workshops and will introduce you to the secrets of cartoonists! The pupils will create their own cartoon character with funny expressions and will then learn how to structure and create a funny comic strip with their very own character!



Zendoodle Art!

Go Sketch After School Art for Kids and Children

Zendoodle Art

This is a great art workshop for schools who would like a calming, mindful activity. Explore the beautiful art of many artists who use the Zendoodle technique. The Zendoodle technique involves creating intricate patterns with shapes to build an entire form. The method has proved to be very popular in recent years as it is very relaxing and highly addictive!


Holiday activities for children


This workshop is great for collaborative working skills and team building! Select a theme and work in a group to create a huge painting/collage/mixed media piece of art. These are created on big canvas’ or pieces of wood depending on your preference.

You get to keep the piece of art to display in your school or workplace.


Birthday Parties for Children


Create your own cartoon character! We learn about frameworks to structure your drawing, how to draw feelings through expressions and explore the visual language of cartoons to bring your character to life.

Manga Portraits

Manga Portraits

This workshop explores the popular style of manga. Manga is a cartoon based drawing style that is used to
create graphic novels and comics in Japan. You can also see the style portrayed in many anime films such as 'Spirited Away' or 'Howl's Moving Castle'.

You will learn how to create your own Manga portrait in this popular school workshop.


Birthday ideas for kids in Bristol

Clay Sculpture

This is a great workshop if you have never worked with clay or have limited experience. We will learn handbuilding and joining techniques to create imaginative sculptures.

We will be using air-dry clay which you can then seal once dry. A messy and fun session for all!

Illusion Art

Illusion Art

This workshop explores the world of optical art using line to create the impression that the image is in fact 3D! Children get to design and create their own piece of optical art! There are lots of activities they can choose from! Draw a crazy tunnel, 3d hand, a ball that jumps out of the page or even a weaved paper piece. We can extend this for older children with more complicated illusions.

Under the Sea with Paul Klee

Birthday ideas for kids in Bristol

Under the Sea with Paul Klee

Explore the underwater world of Paul Klee. Discover items he placed in his work that look strange under the sea. We will then create our own underwater scene using a resist technique with pastels and watercolour.


Art Workshops for Schools


Come and explore the cities of the future! We will explore a range of perspective skills to make your buildings look 3D.


Collage art workshops for schools arts week

Collage and Mixed Media

Learn to paint with paper in this enjoyable workshop. We will look at various collage artists based around a theme of your choice. After learning techniques and gaining inspiration from example pieces of art, you will create your own collage or you can make it a team building exercise by creating a huge collage in groups!

Fabulous Faces

What's in a Face?

This workshop looks at the proportions of the face in order to create a portrait. We then make them fabulous by exploring the style of artist Pixie Cold to add colour and pattern using poska pens and brusho!

Eye eye!

Eye eye!

This workshop explores artists who are inspired by eyes! From the brightly coloured detailed work of Pixie Cold to the close up animal eyes in pastels... Learn to draw a range of eyes and challenge your creative side!

Space Art!

Cosmic Chaos!

Blast off into space and create your own deep space themed art! Lots of activities to choose from including deep space pastel drawing, universe inside jars, astronaut art and surreal moons!

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