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Julie Cassiano Deputy Head Teacher at Coleman Primary

Brilliant inset Nigel and I loved it. Have used it also to do art with my little one.

Mr Nigel Bruen Headteacher at Coleman Primary in Leicester

Really enjoyable inset today hosted by Emma from Go Sketch. Such wonderful feedback received from staff. I came home (with my new sketchbook) and immediately got drawing with my little one using the techniques and motivation strategies taught today. Thank you!

Do you want a mindful, creative and practical art inset session?

Would your teachers like more support with teaching Art & Design?

Would your governors and staff enjoy a relaxing team building art activity?

We love running inset training for primary teachers around the Southwest and beyond (and with Zoom, Worldwide!).

We have a range of teacher training workshops to choose from and can even plan a bespoke workshop based on your school's topic or curriculum needs for that term.

We can:

  • provide an after school workshop with your staff after school
  • provide a workshop as part of an inset day
  • come and work with a group of teachers to help plan a particular topic.

Alternatively, show your staff and governors just how creative you can be with a unique team building session!

The founder of GO SKETCH, Emma Shannon, is a specialist art teacher as well as being a qualified primary teacher which a good understanding of the primary school environment. We are fully insured and DBS checked. All art resources are supplied by us. All you need to do is supply a work space and away we go!

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Online Zoom Workshops

We can set up the session for you to login to with name and email (which are deleted afterwards) so it is secure or you can set up the zoom meeting and we can join. We will provide a list of resources needed and can work around what you have available. We can also tailor the session to include advice about leading sessions online.


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Art Teacher Training
Teaching art in the classroom

Creative Sketchbooks

In this practical hands on session teachers will learn how:


♦ to use sketchbooks as a playground of ideas

♦ to use sketchbooks to teach children how to explore, take risks and experiment

to explore the creative process where children feel safe to make 'mistakes'

♦ to encourage children to annotate their sketchbooks


♦ Sketchbook annotations prompt sheet to support children when annotating their work

♦ Sketchbook Ideas sheet for KS1, lower KS2 and Upper KS2

♦ Email support offered after session when teachers planning their sessions

♦ A sketchbook for each participant

This session is taught in a practical way so teachers get a chance to create mini pieces of art or even the beginnings of their own sketchbook! I will bring all the resources we need.


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Rebecca Beatty Belmont Primary School London

"Thank you so much for the drawing/sketch book inset. It was a packed one with loads of information and practical ideas - thank you. You must have been exhausted afterwards! The staff loved it and even wanted to show me their own sketching of your tasks that we did. A few teachers have already done the robot drawings with their class and the kids came back asking for more :)"

Amy Burt Delemere School, Trafford

"It was great to practise different techniques and then apply them to how we would use them in the classroom. A Really enjoyable session, thanks!"

clay teacher training

Air-Dry Clay in the Classroom

In this practical hands on session teachers will learn:

♦ various clay building techniques that they can use in their class

♦ health and safety considerations when working with air-dry clay

♦ cross-curricular links using clay

♦ tips and tricks for an easier clay lesson!


♦ clay joining handout to use in the classroom

♦ clay rule posters


This is taught in a practical way so teachers get a chance to create their own clay sculptures!

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Alexandra Witek Haydn Primary, Nottingham

"Today's session has inspired me to incorporate more of a free flowing and creative approach to art. It has made me realise the children can be tough on themselves just like I can be and the session has shown me how to encourage the children's creativity. Brilliant session, thank you!"

Brian Grogan Headteacher, John Burns Primary School, London

"In today’s classrooms, children’s experiences of painting and clay are often few and far between. We have sketchbooks and are well resourced in art, but teachers have not taken full advantage of the opportunities and experiences that they could be providing for their children. For this reason, I invited Emma from GO SKETCH in to lead two INSET training sessions for teachers – Air-Dry Clay in the Classroom and Painting in the Classroom. Both the theory and practical elements of the sessions were well-thought through and teachers now have the skills and confidence to teach painting and use clay in the classroom. These are big steps for the whole teaching team! I am excited about the new school year and the improved art curriculum offer that we will now be able to provide for the children at John Burns. We most definitely will be inviting Emma back for more INSET training for staff. Thank you!"

drawing inset training
inset drawing skills in the classroom

Drawing Skills

In this practical hands on session teachers will learn a range of drawing skills linked to the 7 elements of art including:

♦ Line

♦ Shape

♦ Form

♦ Tone

♦ Texture

♦ Colour

♦ Space (including perspective, composition, positive and negative space)


This workshop includes drawing skills progression sheets that break down each element into skills that each year group could focus on to ensure there is progression in drawing skills within your curriculum.

Reception classes don't need to focus on drawing skills in the same way but we can include examples of what you can do in Reception as well as providing a progression sheet that is separate from the elements of art.

This is taught in a practical way with art activities that the teachers can take part in

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Katie Smith Haydn Primary, Nottingham

"I like all of it! Practical ideas for the classroom, great warm up activities. Clear project progression and so great to do something practical! :)"

Amy Bathgate Sea Mills Primary School, Bristol

"Thank you SO much for an amazing staff meeting – you are incredibly fab at what you do and I feel very lucky that myself and the rest of the staff team at Sea Mills got to learn from you this evening. I think it will really help boost staff confidence in drawing skills."

Art Inset Primary School

Painting in the Classroom

In this practical hands on art inset workshop, teachers can learn a range of painting skills such as:

♦ Watercolour painting techniques

♦ Acrylic vs Tempura or poster paints and when to use them

♦ Using Brusho

♦ Colour theory

♦ Using an artist focus in class

♦ Tone and texture

♦ Composition and focal point

♦ Tips and tricks to a calm painting lesson

This workshop can be tailored to suit your needs as a school and can even be based around a chosen topic.

This is taught in a practical way so teachers get a chance to create their own masterpieces!

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Primary School Inset Art

Design a Workshop

We can even design a workshop to suit the needs of your school.

Simply, click the quote button below with as many details as you can and we can design a session just for you.

Alternatively, you can contact Emma directly by clicking here

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