How to plan a Stress Free Children’s Birthday Party

Does planning a children’s birthday party give you sleepless nights? Are you dreaming of 30 children running riot while you try to run a party game?

Well help is at hand! Just follow these steps to organise a stress free, dare I say almost relaxing, party for your child!

Organising a children's birthday party
  1. Who?

How many children would you like to invite? Some schools insist that all children in the class are invited to party which is a lot of children! If your school doesn’t have such a rule then it is up to you how many you are comfortable with. It also depends on your budget as a larger group may involve hiring a venue. Typically younger children are trickier to manage so make sure you have extra adults on hand to help.

Organising a children's birthday party

2. When?

It is worth checking that there are no big local events, kids clubs or other parties scheduled for the day you would like to hold the party. Are you going to provide food? This may impact on the time you choose for a party. I would advise having the food at the end of the party so plan timings so children are not hungry when they arrive.

Organising a children's birthday party

3. How long?

I would recommend a 2 hour party for younger children as they can do an activity, play a game and then eat. If a party is too long and not enough is planned children can get restless.

Organising a children's birthday party

4. Where?

Are you happy having children in your home? With a small group this can be done and can work well. If you prefer having a larger group then you may want to hire a hall. Check out local scout huts or village halls as these are often to most cost effective.

Organising a children's birthday party

5. Theme?

Are you going to have a theme for the party? This makes decorating easier. It doesn’t need to be complicated (unless you are a crafty person who loves to get creative!). I remember a party I went to as a child that was pirate themed and the parents turned a table over so we were eating on the bottom like a ship. It could even be simply themed by colour.

6. Activity?

This is the most important key to a stress free party. If children arrive with nothing to do it won’t be long until they get restless. Could you get a children’s entertainer booked if you have the budget? Alternatively do you have a friend who is comfortable running games or activities for the children? Could they make something? Cook something? Play something? Paint something?

Organising a children's birthday party

7. Food?

Do any of your children have allergies or dietary requirements? There are many options for food. I have seen lots of ideas from parents when teaching my arty parties. Some have finger food laid out on tables so children just help themselves, some order pizza and some make mini packed lunches. My advice is keeping the choice of sandwiches or pizzas limited, sop for example maybe a veggie and meaty option and that is it. Too many options in my experience results in children arguing over choices. Keep it simple 🙂

Oh and the cake... If you are a whizz at making cakes check out pintrest for awesome ideas! If not then just buy one (without feeling guilty). At the end of the day, cake is cake and children will be happy either way 🙂

Organising a children's birthday party

8. Finally plan a groovy night out or cosy night in as a treat for yourself after the party so at the very least you can congratulate yourself on getting through it!

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