Be a creative role model…

As a parent or an adult in a child’s life, you understand the importance of encouraging creativity in children. Last week we shared 5 ways you can encourage your child to develop their creative spark. One of these ways is being a role model for your child. This is easier said than done. How many times have you said ‘Oh I can’t draw’ or ‘I’m just not that creative’? I know that I hear this all the time when parents drop off their children at our workshops and they often express a humble ‘I don’t know where my child gets it from’.

My mum used to be one of those parents. She would find my interest in drawing bewildering and often say that she just didn’t have the ‘talent’ to do what I did. 2 years ago I gave her a present that changed everything. I gave her paint by numbers (which she had asked for) but I also gave her a sketchbook and paints. She freely admits now that her first thought was ‘what am I going to do with those?!’ She started to play around with the paints and was amazed by how much she enjoyed the activity. Within weeks she was painting many brightly coloured scenes and loving every minute! Now my Mum and Dad’s house is filled with paintings! I can’t tell you what a huge turn around this was!

So what is the lesson here… everyone has the capacity to be creative and there is nothing more satisfying than simply having a go.

My challenge to you… I challenge you to find some creative time for you and your child this summer. Create a piece of art alongside each other and you will soon teach your child that having a go and making what you perceive as ‘mistakes’ along the way is all part of the creative process and to be celebrated! You could do a drawing, painting or even a collage.

Stuck for ideas? Many parents are doing our online Art Quest alongside their children and loving it. Remember if you would like to join our growing GO SKETCH Club community you can use the code SUMMER to get 50% off (expires soon).

I would love to see what you create either on your own or as part of the Art Quest so feel free to send any off your creations over the summer to

Creative wishes!

Emma 🙂

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