Why do we love unicorns?

Is it just me or are unicorns everywhere?!

Whether you are about to grab a cuppa, use some selotape, turn on a tap or head to starbucks for a coffee you cannot help noticing a growing unicorn obsession.

Why do people love unicorns so much?

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Child loves unicorns

Unicorns have an interesting and complicated history. Unicorn literally means ‘one-horn’ and these creatures are found in many stories all over the world. In western culture the unicorn’s horn was said to have the power to heal sickness and wounds. They also sometimes have goat’s feet and a lion’s tail.

2400 years ago a Greek physician called Ctesias wrote about an animal that lived in India that was said to have a white body, dark blue eyes, and a horn on it’s head.  Originally Unicorns were also thought to have a wispy beard like a goat! The image we recognise as a unicorn came from the stories told around the middle ages in Europe and the image has stuck. Even in the 18th Century, people would travel for miles to catch a glimpse of the magical unicorn and you can’t really blame them. Who wouldn’t want to see a unicorn?

Unicorns hold a fascination for many as they not only represent goodness, happiness and peace but they also symbolise the hope for all the stardust covered dreams we long for in our lives. If we believe in unicorns then anything is possible!

In fact some people are taking it a step further by trying to be a unicorn as a way of achieving their life purpose. Well if you can be a unicorn why not!

Many artists are inspired by unicorns. Here are 2 of my favourites  (click on image to be taken to artist website)

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Unicorn Art birthday parties

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