What to do with all your children’s artwork?

We have all been there. Your child comes home with excited to show you their latest drawing or has a creative session at the weekend resulting in 20 paintings and you are running out of space! You really want to value your child’s artwork but at the same time would like to open your fridge without the entire Tate gallery landing on top of you.

So how can we display children’s artwork to ensure we value them as well as keep them safe fom damage so you can enjoy them for years to come?

Here are some ideas for the parents who love to craft and those of us that don’t!

1. The easiest and least time consuming... My Little DaVinci Frames!

The least amount of crafting idea involves getting one of these awesome My Little DaVinci Frames which allow you to

  • store up to 50 pieces of artwork at once
  • a great storage solution as well as display option
  • hang them or place on a table either landscape or portrait

I think these are such a good idea especially as a gift for the grandparents so children can add artwork every time they visit!

If you like them CLICK HERE TO GET ONE and if you use the code GOSKETCH you can get 10% off including free delivery!

OK here we go crafty people, here are some super fun ideas for displaying artwork…

2. Love photography?

If you love photography, this is the idea for you. Jen from A Thousand Words took photos of her son’s artwork and made a cool collage! A lovely way to remember your budding artists work when they are older.

3. Fan of Ikea?

Pick up one of these Dignitet Curtain Wire systems to create your very own gallery! 

How to display kids artwork

4. Cork Crazy!

Got old picture frames lying around? Paint them different colours and add cork to the back. Then simply pin your child’s latest creations to the wall!

How to display kids artwork

5. Make a cool gift to remember forever!


How about using your child’s favourite piece of art and turn it into something to treasure forever? 'Luke Drew This' print your child’s artwork onto t-shirts, bags, cushions and aprons which makes a great gift!

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