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Covid-19 Notice

Need some fun online art activities to do at home with your kids??

Use our FREE / DISCOUNTED online art courses at

During this Covid-19 pandemic we want to make our paid courses accessible for all children.

Therefore in addition to our FREE courses, you can get 75% OFF our Art Quest course (was £14 now £3.20) and Cartoon Studio Course (was £24, now £6) at this difficult time.  The courses have a lifetime access so no rush to complete.

These can be shared with all the family. Thank you for your support as this will help keep our small business afloat as well as providing videos for people to use at home.

x stay safe x

We set up GO SKETCH CLUB to help...

  • Inspire budding artists to create art they love

  • Increase creative confidence by learning to take risks and not worry about 'mistakes'

  • Teach new drawing and painting skills in a schedule that suits you!

online art classes for kids

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