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Art for the Afraid

Taught by local artist and experienced art teacher, Emma Burleigh.

GO SKETCH teach workshops for adult beginners entitled ‘Art for the Afraid’. These workshops are for anyone who would like to rediscover their love of drawing and painting. We encourage you to turn off your critical thoughts and to simply enjoy the act of creating art, free from judgement. Past workshops have explored areas such as ‘Mindful Drawing’ and ‘The language of colour’. To learn more about Emma Burleigh please click here.

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Comments from participants at my last course "Art for the Afraid: A course in Mindful Drawing" at Hamilton House, Bristol:

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
A very enjoyable, relaxing and peaceful journey to becoming/discovering the artist within, Changing perceptions and gathering skills
A very enjoyable course - my confidence in my drawing skills has grown over the weeks. Looking forward to more courses!
My fear upon finishing the course was that I would still feel just as rubbish (about my ability to draw) as when I started: I can proudly say I have done the best drawing of a sheep and of a hand that I could ever imagine!

Feedback from participants at my last course on "Exploring Colour" at Hamilton House, Bristol:

Great workshop. I really enjoyed learning about art and exploring with a paintbrush again, something I've not done since primary school!
Life doesn't have edges. It's blurry. Exploring colour helps you feel comfortable with this.
I am as a result of the class more relaxed, feeling more in tune with my creativity, and more confident about creating. Brilliant.

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