Be a creative role model…

online art courses for children

As a parent or an adult in a child’s life, you understand the importance of encouraging creativity in children. Last week we shared 5 ways you can encourage your child to develop their creative spark. One of these ways is being a role model for your child. This is easier said than done. How many times have you said ‘Oh I can’t draw’ or ‘I’m just not that creative’? I know that I hear this all the time when parents drop off their children at our workshops…

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Join GO SKETCH Club and the Art Quest Adventure!

Fun and affordable online art courses for children

Would you like to encourage your child’s creativity and confidence this summer? GO SKETCH is going online to offer our very first ART QUEST!  The art quest is a drawing-based adventure consisting of 12 exciting video lessons (plus introductory videos) for children to complete over the summer!

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30 day doodle challenge!

30 day art challenge

When my friend Claire from Claire Stone Nutrition called me asking for help, I jumped at the chance! Claire believes that when you eat ‘good stuff’, you feel better, more productive, more creative and more engaged in life and in work.

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GO SKETCH free event this December!

I know… feels a little early for a Christmas post but thought I would tell you our exciting news so you can get it in your diary!Saturday 3rd December is Small Business Saturday! What is Small Business Saturday I hear you cry?Well on this day, across the whole of the UK, family businesses, local shops, online businesses, wholesalers, small manufacturers and many more will be offering events to encourage consumers to ‘shop local’ and to support small businesses in their area. We are excited to announce that…

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